Arts Magnet


The kindergarten through eighth-grade arts magnet program focuses on art, dance, drama and music as the center of an integrated curriculum. This means the arts are woven into all subjects, often with an “artist in residence” or exciting themes. Students in all grades experience art, drama, dance and music daily with highly qualified staff.


What kind of student succeeds in the Arts Magnet Program? 

This program can be demanding of students because it is very exciting and full of hands-on learning. The school day moves very rapidly. Qualities of successful Arts Magnet students include:

  • The ability to work independently; to initiate learning
  • The ability to be self-disciplined and motivated
  • Parents who are supportive of this type of education. We encourage parents to be volunteers and be active in our academically successful Arts Magnet.


Once a child has been accepted into the program, he or she does not have to reapply each year.