Hall of Fame


The Lima City Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is held every three years and inducts outstanding alumni. The most recent group was inducted October, 2021. 


The next induction will be in the fall of 2024. Nominations will be accepted until March 22, 2024. 


The Hall of Fame recently added an honorary Hall of Fame member for "Service to the Lima City Schools." This person does not have to be a graduate of the school district. The first was inducted in 2017.


The Lima City Schools has a rich history of producing graduates that have made outstanding contributions to society. In 1987, the Lima City Schools began formally recognizing the accomplishments of its outstanding alumni through the Lima Senior High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. In 1990, the program expanded to include all Lima City Schools graduates and became the Lima City Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. More than 100 outstanding alumni have received this distinction, including Phyllis Diller, Gary Moeller, Joe Henderson, Dr. William Alfred Fowler, Maidie Norman, Harrison Shutt, Dr. David B. Steiner and Scott Clark.


The Lima City Schools Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame honors alumni who have received local, state or national recognition for achievements in their occupational fields, made significant contributions to society, or performed meritorious service for our country.


The Hall of Fame also serves as a living example of accomplishment and excellence for our community and current students in the Lima City Schools.

Hall of Fame eligibility requirements include:

·  The nominee attended the Lima City Schools.

·  The nominee graduated 15 or more years ago.

·  The nominee has at the local, state, national or international level demonstrated distinguished occupational or professional achievement or performed significant volunteer, charitable, civic, public, humanitarian or military service.

·  The nominee is of excellent character.


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